This Knowledge Base is primarily written by the eScience Research Engineers at the Netherlands eScience Center. The intended audience is anyone interested in eScience and research software development in general or how this is done at the eScience Center specifically.


To make sure the information in this knowledge base stays relevant and up to date it is intentionally low on technical details. The Knowledge base contains information on the process we use to do projects and develop software.

Workflow for making contributions

Contributions by anyone are most welcome.

Please use branches and pull requests to contribute content. If you are not part of the Netherlands eScience Center organization but would still like to contribute please do by submitting a pull request from a fork.

git clone
git branch newbranch
git checkout newbranch

Add your new awesome feature, fix bugs, make other changes.

To view changes locally, first install gitbook-cli (Gitbook command line interface) and broken-link-checker (may require root permissions, depending on your setup).

npm install -g gitbook-cli
npm install -g broken-link-checker

To install gitbook's dependencies:

gitbook install

To build the documentation:

gitbook build

To view the documentation in a web browser (default address: http://localhost:4000):

gitbook serve

To check if there are any broken links:

blc --recursive http://localhost:4000

If everything works as it should, git add, commit and push like normal.

If you have made a significant contribution to the guide, please make sure to add yourself to the CITATION.cff file so your name can be included in the list of authors of the guide.

Chapter Owners

To see who is responsible for which part of the guide see

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