Chapter Owners

This is a list of who is responsible for which part of the guide.

Overall Maintainer: Bouwe Andela

  • Introduction: Jason Maassen

  • Software Development:

    • Overall: Jason Maassen
    • Code Review: Lourens Veen
  • Language Guides:
    • Introduction: Jason Maassen
    • Java: Christiaan Meijer
    • JavaScript and TypeScript: Jurriaan Spaaks
    • Python: Patrick Bos
    • OpenCL and CUDA: Ben van Werkhoven
    • R: Vincent van Hees
    • C and C++: Johan Hidding and Patrick Bos
    • Fortran: Gijs van den Oord
  • Intellectual Property: Lourens Veen
  • Publishing Scientific Results: Willem van Hage
  • Access to e-Infrastructure: Jason Maassen
  • Projects: Jisk Attema
  • Contributing to this Guide: Jason Maassen

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