Checkmatrix for 'eStep friendly' projects.

Printable check-list -- complete this checklist to ensure your project is eStep-ready. If you can tick all boxes on this form, your project should be included as an eStep Prototype project.

Version Control

Item / Phase Done
use git as version control system (vcs)
public vcs repository (github)
meaningful commit messages


Item / Phase Done
Apache 2 license
compatible license of all libraries
NOTICE(.txt or .md) listing licenses, request citation of paper if applicable


Item / Phase Done
project discussion list (github issues, mailing list, not private email) for all project related discussions from the beginning of the project


Item / Phase Done - clear explanation of the goal of the project with pointers to other documentation resources. Use GitHub flavored markdown for, e.g., syntax highlighting.

Use standards

Item / Phase Done
exchange format (Unicode, W3C, OGN, NetCDF, etc)
protocols (HTTP, TCP, TLS, etc)

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