Kickoff Meeting

Each project starts with a kickoff meeting at the Netherlands eScience Center. At this meeting the PI, eScience engineer, Coordinator, and an MT-member are present. Other project partners are welcome.

For this meeting the standard agenda is:

  • Round of introductions.
  • Assignment of the eScience engineer(s) and coordinator.
  • Netherlands eScience Center introduction presentation (by coordinator).
  • Project introduction (by PI).
  • Discussion on initial project planning and deliverables.
  • Any other business.

In the Netherlands eScience Center introduction presentation several important topics are explained:

  • How do we work.
  • What is the role of the eScience engineer and coordinator.
  • Project life cycle (annual reviews and rapports, payment, project end, etc.).
  • How to communicate with the Netherlands eScience Center.
  • Publications.
  • Intellectual property (IP).
  • Communication by the Netherlands eScience Center (project page at eScience Center website, pitches, etc.).
  • Software and software quality.
  • Role of eStep, knowledge base, etc.

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