Project Reviews

For all project longer than a year (typically full projects and alliances), the MT organizes annual reviews. The details are described in Section 9.4.2 of the protocol document. The annual reviews are organized and chaired by an MT member, and the PI, eScience engineer(s), eScience coordinator, and other partners (posdocs, co-PIs, etc) are present.

The goals are as follows:

  • Progress of project relative to planning.
  • Innovation, research, deliverables, eStep.
  • Identify key success stories/messages to share with key opinion formers.
  • Ensure efficient use of engineer resources, identify bottlenecks and areas to improve.
  • Financial status.
  • Look for ways to extend collaborations.
  • Consider project legacy and post-funding support.
  • Potential interaction with other eScience Center projects.

The standard agenda for this 1.5 hour meeting is:

  • Presentation by the PI (20 minutes)
  • Presentation eScience Engineer (20 minutes) including description of role and deliverables.
  • Discussion (40 minutes)
  • Summary, action points and conclusions.

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